Tuesday, November 3, 2015

God of All Comfort......................


No man will be able to stand before you all the days of your life. Just as I have been with Moses, I will be with you; I will not fail you or forsake you. Joshua 1:5


It is hard to admit that we are lonely because religious people would assume is because we are living in sins. David, a man after God’s heart had moments of loneliness. Jesus was lonely the night of his arrest, that’s why he asked the disciples to stay with him. Friends, make no mistake, the reality of the matter is that we have all experienced moments of intense loneliness. I am going to be candid with you; there were times in my life when my loneliness was so intense and severe that it hurts. That’s right, loneliness is not a fun feeling, it can reduce us to tears and despair. There are times in our lives when we longed to see or hear those we love. Other times we longed for the company of those we love and most of the times those we love do not want to be with us. That is why rejection and loneliness go hand in hand. It is a reality that we have to face at one time or and other. Why is a God who loves so much that He sent his son to die would let us be lonely? Why would a God who says that His thoughts towards us are greater, higher and more glorious than we can ever comprehend let us feel such extreme pain? Why wouldn't God make the entire world fall in love with us? He should at least make sure that those we love feel the same way about us, right? Wrong!

Friend, God wants to be the desire of our hearts. He wants to be the one we are desperately longing for, and our first real love. He wants us to love one another but He wants to be our number one love because He loves so much that He promised that not even death could separate us from His love. He wants to be our passion. Contrary to what people think, loneliness is not necessary results of sins. We tend to get preoccupied with the daily obligation of living that we neglect God, but He loves so much that He creates opportunities for us to run to Him, but what do we often do? We run to our love ones and our friends. There have been times in my life when I ran to friends and they were not available, or they simply didn't care about my struggle of the hour, after all they were going through their own challenges. There are marriages that are destroyed because either or both parties didn't feel totally satisfied and fulfilled with the other. Friend, your spouse was not created to play God in your life. Only God can fulfill all of your needs.

The word of God in Exodus 20:5 reminds that God is a jealous God and He does not wish to be an after thought. He wants to be everything that we need (source of joy, peace and love). God loves us so much that He created us with the need for him but when we decide to fill that void with other things, we soon realize that there are no alternatives to the comfort of our heavenly Father. We are too passionate about the wrong thing, the wrong relationships and the wrong people. Start your day with a word of prayer. Spend time in worship before you go out in the world and if you must get up 15 minutes early, than that is what you need to do. If you wake up 1 hour early to exercise, I don’t think 15 minutes out of your day is too much to give God out of 24 hours. My dear friend if you start your day with God, and spend time in prayer and meditate on his word, you will find never have to be lonely another day of your life.

Praise the Lord!