Saturday, January 2, 2016

All Things are Possible................

Jesus said to him, If you can believe, all things are possible to him that believes. Mark 9:23

A few years ago, the local college where I used to teach allowed the students to watch the inaugural of president Obama in the classroom, and the common theme in my class discussions was “all things are possible if you believe”. All of a sudden, my students believe that they can reach mountains and live a life without limitations, it is an attitude that brings me much joy; but my question to them was, all things are possible if you what? It is great to make such powerful statement but something is definitely missing from it. Don't you think? It is not a complete sentence. The majority of the adults students stated that the missing part of the statement is "if you believe in yourself." Really if you believe in yourself? Can anyone live a minute longer, if he believes in himself? I think not. You can believe in yourself by acknowledging the grace of God given to you through the savior Jesus Christ. It is only through Jesus that all things are made possible. Jesus alone can provide that boost that cross us from a life of limitation to a limitless possibilities.

Friend, do you believe that Jesus is in action in your life right this moment, by His Spirit, lift burdens, breathe life into your forgotten dreams, those that were impossible to come to completion without him? Do you believe in His ability to do exceedingly abundantly far above what you can ask or think even far beyond your wildest dreams? Do you believe He remains the same today, yesterday and forever? Do you believe He has all power in heaven and on earth to do according to His will? Why do you still worry about health? You say you believe but do you really? God can heal you inside and out. He is able. Do you believe? Your dead dreams will come to life. You can conceive. You can be debts free. Decide this year that Cancer, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Heart diseases are not in charge. God should be the driving force in your life. Only God is worthy of first place in your life and only Him makes all things possible ....... to those who believe. He listens when we pray according to His will. Praise the lord! And friend, this is exactly why you and I need to know His will so that we can pray according to His will. It is only when you believe in God’s power and abilities your confidence to move mountains will be boosted. When you know His will, you pray His Word and as you pray His will, and it is your faith in Him that causes us to surmount all barriers.

Friend, all things are possible when you Christ and Christ alone. The doors of impossibilities can only be taken down upon His command. Jesus is Lord!

Praise the Lord!