Monday, February 22, 2016

You Can Lean on God!

In my anguish I cried to the LORD, and he answered by setting me free.In my distress I cried out to the LORD; yes, I prayed to my God for help. He heard me from his sanctuary; my cry to him reached his ears. Psalm 18: 5-6

God has surely listened and heard my voice in prayer. Psalm 66:19

I remember when I was a little I never used to worry about anything. My mother made it abundantly clear that I should come to her with every problem (big or small). I trusted her completely because she knew how to ease my pain and relieve my burdens. Not once did she let me down. She took every complaint to heart. I remember waking up at nights to the sound of her voice praying over me and my siblings. It was a real comfort to me. After she passed away I had to learn to go to God myself. I had to learn to lean on God. I did not know it then but I realized later in my childhood that I leaned heavily on my mother. She was my rock. There is nothing wrong with a child leaning on a parent. The problem was that I trusted her more than God.

Searching for a person that would fill the void my mother left in my life lasted from childhood to adulthood. My search led to many unnecessary heartbreaks. Over the years I have learned that I am left disappointed each time a person or something takes precedence over God in my life. Despite the best intentions, people, at some point will let me down. The truth is people have their own burdens. Over the years, God has taught me to come to Him with my burdens. It is a lesson that I had to learn the hard way. It wasn't easy but I finally learned to make God my first stop and not my last after all else failed.

That is the way that it is supposed to be with God. We should be relying on Him for everything (support, help, joy, peace, and protection). God should part of ever decision we make. When we are faced with those tough situations that we don’t understand, we should go to God and lean on Him. We can’t trust in our own ability to solve our own problems. It is easy to think that we have all the answers. If we trust in our own abilities to solve problems, then we are going to get ourselves into trouble. I know this for a fact. I have gotten in more trouble than necessary by trying to fix things. Do not be impressed with who you are, your education, your upbringing, or what you know. Leaning on your own understand brings stress and discontentment, but learning to lean on God brings peace, joy health and success

My friend, abandon yourself to His trust. He is worthy. Your parents, spouse, and friends will fail you. God will never fail you. His love endures forever. He will not get tired of hearing from you. He will not hide when you need Him the most, and He will not discuss you with others. Friend, failure comes from following our own plans for our own lives. Stress comes from doing our own thing and planning our own way. Success comes from leaning on God.

Praise the Lord!