Sunday, January 3, 2016

Your Move............

"Be alert, your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour." 1 Peter 5:8

We have been learning about the things that made the Devil feel at home in our lives. The list is quite long, we will not continue to cover examples. You understand by now that anything that does not glorify God in your life attracts the Devil.

You can pray, you can fast, you can ask people to lay hands on you and cast the Devil out of your life, but I can assure you that nothing will change until you repent and make the quality decision to stop Satan's influence over your life. You have to be willing. Now it does not matter what area of your life need the change, it can be victory over sins, it can be restoration of your mind and soul, or physical health, it can be emotional wholeness, nothing will change until you make the cautious decision to get "your" victory. Remember, Jesus had asked the man at the pool of Bethesda, wilt thou be whole? (John 5:6). He did not ask him would you like to be well? The man had to be willing in order to receive healing.

God sent Jesus to the cross to carry our burdens, to give us victory over sins and to make us whole. He bore our sicknesses, He carried our diseases, and He already won every battle "you are facing by His death on Calvary, but it takes decision from your part to receive the victory you are searching for. It requires determination on your part before you can actually achieve victory. Decide to be free today.

Accept you freedom by faith, in the Holy name of Jesus.

Praise the Lord!