Thursday, November 12, 2015

God Provides!

As the two walked on together, Isaac spoke to his father Abraham. "Father!" he said. "Yes, son," he replied. Isaac continued, "Here are the fire and the wood, but where is the sheep for the holocaust?" "Son," Abraham answered, "God himself will provide the sheep for the holocaust." Then the two continued going forward. Genesis 22:7-8

Friend, God does not see into the future. He knows it. Abraham trusted God to provide a lamb for the sacrifice, and just when he was about to kill his only son, God stepped in and offer a substitute. God is indeed our provider and we should trust Him to take care of all of our needs. I absolutely love the way God steps in my own life. Every time I think that it is over, every time I think that I am at the end of my rope, He releases another inch of his ever-long rope. "My son God will provide" was Abraham reply to Isaac and in due time God did provide, and then Abraham honored God by calling Him the provider.

God had provided for him in the time of his extremity, so He will provide for all of those that put their trust in Him. The God of Abraham is alive, and let His name be praised, and let us rest assured that, as certainly as Abraham, Jacob and Daniel in distress, the Lord appeared for them and was seen, God shall be with you and I when times of extreme pressure come. We shall all be tried and tested, but in our utmost need God will see to our deliverance, if we would just trust Him. The Lord is the Provider of men. Friend, I pray and long for all of us to get this truth firmly planted in our hearts. I pray that you let yourself be reminded of Abraham and all of those before us who trusted God to be their provider and were not even once deceived.

God is no respecter of man. What He's done for one, He certainly can and will do for all of his children. You just have to put your faith in His ability to provide for all of your needs. We know God is our provider because He says that He is. "So do not be like them; for your Father knows what you need before you ask Him" (Matthew 6:8). The problem is that most of us don't have patience. We don't often wait for God; we get in more trouble and delay our blessings by making our own ways. Our Father does not know lack, He knows abundance. He wants to give you everything more abundantly. Romans 8:32 tells us that God shall supply our needs according to His riches and that we cannot have a need too great for God to supply. Glory!

So friend, what is your pressing need this morning? Whatever it may be, God's has unlimited supply of it. His unfailing, uncompromising and ever living word should satisfy your mind now and for all of eternity. God's wealth is at your disposal; His healing (emotional, physical and spiritual) is at your disposal. Don't continue to torture yourself by refusing to take God at His word. You are His child, His creation. You are His personal property, and He desires to give you His perpetual care and complete attention. I want to remind you that The God of Abraham, Daniel and Jacob is still in perfect control. He is able and willing to do all things. You must take the initial step to believe His word and you need to remind yourself every morning that you serve Jehovah Jireh.He provides. Allelujah!

Praise the Lord!